1. Thanks A Lot

From the recording Don't Mention It

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Thanks A Lot

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You say that things were meant to be that way
You say things you remember should never change
You say that when you first say the world
It shifted your thought
You say I should adjust my views
Whether I like it or not

I told you all about the Jesus freaks
Who delivered me from evil
While I stepped in their piss
One would hope the righteous could only
Escape the streets

Emotions are scientific
A product of chemistry
We all feel them in various degrees of intensity

Guided by voices
Talking heads on a screen
We all know absolute truth
From the shit we glean
Zombie mentality within us
Craves the news
Fashioned to fit nicely
Within our family rules

This is a time to be alive
But our predecessors have failed us
Nothing but Jesus on their minds
They’ve all but nailed us to the cross that they built strong
To benefit themselves
Oppress the lower class

Say they’ve been real generous
While greed blackens their hearts
You’ve birthed us to figure out
Doubt and complicity

Poisoned us and turned the world inside out

Religion is a product of
Oppression raised in the heat
Until they solve
Avoid the lapse
A feeling they’ve been given
But always taken from the start