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Insufficient Fun

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You don’t know what you are saying
Could you please come down to Earth and we could talk about it
I’ve lost all sense of really knowing you
Lost letters from a war we don’t speak of

Lost or hidden away
Fates can change
I hear her words ringing in my head

I ask myself “what do you long to be?”
The lost potential of a refugee
What would my past self think of the current me
A version fleeced in doubt and insecurity
And its

Ahead or falling behind
Life is now
Still her words still ringing in my head

Would you please come down
Don’t make a sound
Won’t let them hear
Let me be clear
I won’t be coming home

Truth be told
I can’t wait til the big one finally drops
When we’re ashes nothing matters
And no one is in charge
No more debt
No more lies
No more truths
No more ties
To what we thought we were
And what we swear this mess is all about