1. 22 Years

From the recording Don't Mention It

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22 Years

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For 22 years bastion
Alone never was so fun
Dios mio man
Blacklist stock of contraband
It’s not like I can see through
All of the shit you spew
You’re so goddamn beautiful
Thy bibles more tasteful

A bike that I stole from you
Too steep my mind’s untrue
Delphic the Lord’s day
Tossed off into the grey
Board games are tedious
A full pour of idleness
Go on take a stab
Karkinos donned cancer crab

I loved every move that you made
I loved every word that you said
I loved every thought that you had
So when did it fall apart

For 34 years captive
Adhering to my own end
I wrecked me to find me
No solace inside thee