Junior Choir is an American alternative/post-punk rock band, formed in the Twin Cities (Minnesota), United States, in 2019. The band is composed of Jesse Baker (vocals, guitar), Jacob Carlson (vocals, guitar), Ben Wilson (bass), and Ryan Waldemarson (vocals, drums). 

The band was originally mostly a solo project undertaken by Jesse Baker and Ben Wilson, recording in Ben’s home studio in St. Paul, Minnesota. They realized that the music they were creating needed to be shared with the world, and after a few months welcomed drummer Ryan Waldemarson into the band. As they began assembling a larger catalog, their song writing and recording accelerated, and guitarist Jake Carlson was added to finalize the lineup of the band. 

In late 2019, they released their debut record Light & Dark EP, in the summer of 2020, they released The Plans We Made EP, and released their third EP Don't Mention It in early 2021. 

They specialize in alternative rock music, with many twists and turns into other genres, and are best known for writing songs that address the difficulties of everyday life and the trajectory of society. Junior Choir’s songs address tough issues, conflicting beliefs, and the unavoidable realities we all experience. They juxtapose their toils against the medium of high-energy songs.