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Out Of The Dark

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We all want a quick fix it seems, to perfect our lives
And fulfill our once begotten dreams
We live inside a world of imperfections
Focused on goals and tiny insurrections

If the world could only focus its lens
On the arc of resurrection as it bends
There was a time in our lives
That was so bright and still

When all the pieces fit
And possibilities screamed soon to be covered
By a glistening blanket of snow and the deep depths of darkness
Brought on by the bitter winter cold

Warm yourself by the light of the fire
Cleansed in smoke of the funeral pyre
Bearing the truth, carrying the burden we move
Forward is the path, onward

Stepping out into the black
The fear that once persisted, now if leering back
Yesterday’s gone
And it’s never coming back

Open your lungs
Take a deep breath in
Exhale loss and anxiety from within
Forget your past, move on with your future
It’s all downhill from here