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Ahoy Dr. Marvin

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I’ve been in a dark place for a while
Loneliness I wish that I could properly express
And not feel entitled to be pitied
My stomach is in knots
It squeezes and it drops
People don’t know me I hide in plain site
Behind a smile of faux ease

Faux ease
Faux ease

Remind why I try
Woo ooo
I’ll just die alone anyway
Whether she goes first or there is no she
The fear of the unknown letting go
Being swept away by rushing rapids

What can I do with all this dread
Worrying I lay awake in my bed
33 and a grown up man child
What can I say being meek but not mild
Tomorrow is a chore
Life’s a pimp and I a whore
Beneath a calm swelling sea
Lays a thunderstorm that strikes and topples me

Ooo Wee
Ooo Wee

Remind me where I stand, woo ooo
Perhaps I need a helping hand
I feel the shoreline shrinking fast
Pull myself up by my bootstraps
Its time to give credence and set sail

Faux ease
Faux ease
I sail
I sail the seven seas